Frequently Asked Questions

You will be asked questions about your health which will remain confidential. Your massage session will be explained and
any concerns answered, so that your massage will be most enjoyable. Most likely you will doze off during your massage.

Paramount to your personal massage is you being comfortable and enjoying your massage. With a full body massage you will be covered by a towel. Only the area being massaged will be exposed. Alternatively you can have a chair massage whilst clothed.

A large meal should not be consumed immediately before a massage.

Yes, a warm shower will help relax the muscles and dilate the blood vessels encouraging better blood circulation.

To rehydrate the muscles and the body.

Soft, relaxing music will be played at a low volume in the background as your body is massaged. The calming music coupled with a massage assists the brain and body to relax and slow down. Throughout your massage you will be asked for feedback. This is done so that your massage is specifically tailored to your liking.

There are many variants that effect this answer such as:
• When was your last massage?
• How often do you have a massage?
• The type of massage.
• Do you have a previous or an existing injury?
• Everyone is different and seeks a different outcome from their massage. All of these issues will be discussed on an individual basis.

No, with a full body massage the open neck, the breasts, the groin area or any area that you feel uncomfortable with is not massaged.

Regularly would be ideal so that your body can receive the maximum benefit.

Yes, avoid any heavy lifting after your massage for the next 24 hours.

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