“I don’t usually write a review, but I want others to experience the expertise Ian showed when he gave me the most relaxing massage I have ever had.
I work in a commercial kitchen and by the end of the week every muscle aches in my body. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head I was so relaxed and slept like a baby after his massage.
Ian spoke to me during the massage to make sure i was comfortable at all times. Over the years I have had many massages but none have come close to easing the muscle pain I have felt, until now. Treat yourself and give him a call. You won’t be sorry. I’ll certainly be calling him again.”
Debra A.
“I was referred to Ian by a friend as I was suffering a work related muscle injury.
Ian asked me specific questions, identifying any existing injuries he needed to be aware of before commencing my treatment.
Throughout the massage he asked if he was applying too much or too little pressure as well as telling me what he was about to do, and areas that needed more attention.
His concern for my comfort levels was admirable, and I never once felt uncomfortable at any stage.
I considered him very professional, and I would have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone who was considering a massage.”
Anna Johnson
“I am a worker who spends the majority of my day sitting at the computer, I suffer from typical shoulder, neck and lower back pain. Ian assisted me at my home after work on a Friday night, so I had the weekend to rest. Ian is a large strong therapist who definitely managed to make me feel pain free. He provided a friendly follow up call and was genuinely concerned. So I have decided to make a regular monthly appointment.”
Abdulrazaq Alsaeedi
“As a professional worker who wants to be treated in the same kind of manner, I was very impressed with the style of massage Ian had to offer me. He was extremely respectful and friendly. He always enquired as to how i was feeling and if i was comfortable throughout my massage, even down to offering me a drink, and explaining why fluid is important. The best part about this service is you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. He then packs up his table, music, towels etc. and then leaves you to it.”
Carmel Knight
“I am a professional painter and my job is very physically demanding. My shoulders legs and back often ache at the end of a day. I have been to other masseuse and ached for 2 to 3 days after their massage. After my first massage with Ian I felt energetic relaxed and not sore and able to work pain free the next day. I would highly recommend Ian for tradies.”Michael Grech
“I work in retail and spend long hours on my feet. I started with a foot massage to help relieve my aching feet. The experience left my feet feeling relieved, refreshed and invigorated thanks also to the peppermint foot cream. Then I had a back, neck and shoulder massage to help with my tension across my shoulders. Ian worked on trigger points and applied enough pressure for relief and enough to feel relaxed at the same time. Ian gave excellent and professional service which also included a follow up phone call the next day. I definitely will be having a massage on a regular basis from now on.”
Rosie Feola

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